Rizzo: "Great satisfaction for the Flag of War at GIS Carabinieri"

(To Staff)

“Great satisfaction for the decision to assign the war flag to the GIS of the Carabinieri. I thank the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella for having assigned it and the Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini for having proposed it ". This is what Gianluca Rizzo, president of the Defense Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, states in a statement.

“I got to visit and get to know The Special Intervention Group directly - continues Rizzo - and I was struck by the great professionalism of this chosen department, as well as the spirit of dedication put into their work. These are selected personnel, deeply motivated and capable of distinguishing themselves for technique, clarity and balance, especially in coordinated activities for special operations. "

“The awarding of the war flag has a highly symbolic character - concludes Rizzo - and the decision to assign it to the Carabinieri GIS tells us that today terrorism is to be considered in all respects one of the most modern and dangerous forms of war. My congratulations go to the men of GIS for the important recognition and support and closeness for the precious work done every day to protect free institutions and the safety of our community "