Memorandum of understanding between the Campania Region and Arma

(To Arms of the Carabinieri)

This morning at the Santa Lucia Palace, General Commander of the Arms of Carabinieri Tullio Del Sette and the President of the Vincenzo De Luca Region signed the Memorandum of Understanding which is part of the more general plan of actions to combat the phenomenon of abandonment and arson in Campania (Project Iter). The Protocol governs the cooperation between the Carabinieri Arms and the Campania Region for the surveillance and monitoring of the environmental, forestry and agri-food protection of the Campania territories, with particular attention to the "Land of Fires", and with reference to the fight building abusive, illegal waste disposal and pollution of aquifers.

The Campania Region undertakes to finance the purchase of equipment and systems necessary for the surveillance and monitoring of the territory.

In particular, this funding, based on resources available on the POR FESR 2014 / 2020 program, will enable the acquisition of 8 DRONI (5 Proximity, 2 Recognition and 1 for Multiplex Surveillance Extended), 2 Mobile Avionics Labs and 500 Tablet the ODINO System.

The Arma dei Carabinieri guarantees the use of the aforementioned technologies, using specially trained personnel, for the purposes of protecting the territory, the environment and the landscape of the Campania Region. The controls, inserted in a framework of synergies with the other forces in the field coordinated by the competent prefectures, will be conducted mainly with the special departments framed in the Command Forestry, Environmental and Agro-Food Protection Unit Carabinieri.