The modernization program of the Arma vehicle fleet continues

(To Arms of the Carabinieri)

Presented in recent days to the commander general of the Arma, Tullio del Sette, the two new vehicles of next distribution to the departments of the carabinieri. This is the Fiat Punto 1.3 JTDM 95 CV, destined to renew the fleet of tenances and stations and the Renault Zoe, a totally electric vehicle for use in urban centers and areas subject to traffic restrictions.

Both cars, built in the traditional blue livery of the Arma, are equipped with the most modern technologies and constitute only the first part of a wider program of modernization of the Carabinieri vehicle fleet which, thanks to the innovative long-term rental program, it will allow the release of about two thousand vehicles a year, with substantial cost savings.

The long-term rental formula, which also includes vehicle management and maintenance activities, will guarantee the immediate recovery of personnel previously employed in maintenance, who will be assigned to the priority needs of territorial control.

The introduction of new vehicles will also reduce the environmental impact deriving from the circulation of vehicles, especially in urban centers where the use of electric vehicles will be greater.