Search the ship Save the Children: we are out of the question

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The operation of today by the competent authorities on board the Vos Hestia ship of Save the Children at the port of Catania is related to a search for materials for crimes that, at present, do not concern Save the Children.

In fact, as evidenced by the same search decree, the documentation object of research is related to alleged unlawful conduct committed by third parties.

We strongly reaffirm that Save the Children has always acted in compliance with the law during its search and rescue mission in the Mediterranean and we confirm, therefore, once again that the organization is not investigated.
All the operations were carried out in very close coordination with the Italian coast guard and in the maximum cooperation with the authorities. Our mission has always been guided solely by the humanitarian imperative to save lives.

We trust that the judiciary, in which the Organization has full confidence, immediately make clear the whole affair.

"In addition to reaffirming our total extraneousness to investigations, Save the Children announces the suspension of its search and rescue activities at sea, as already planned, and after all implemented last year. The decision comes after carefully assessing the reduction in the flow of migrants trying to cross the central Mediterranean to reach Europe, and the changed conditions of safety and effectiveness of search and rescue operations at sea in the area, "said Valerio Neri, General Director of Save the Children Italy. "For too long we have made up for the non-existence or inadequacy of European research and rescue policies, as well as for welcoming migrants, trying to make a concrete contribution to saving lives for children and adults".

Save the Children's press release