Sassari NOE operation: environmental disaster. Warranty information to 3 executives of companies of the ENI Group

(To Arms of the Carabinieri)

The carabinieri of the NOE of Sassari coordinated by the Public Prosecutor of the Sassarese Republic, at the end of complex and in-depth investigations, started since the 2015, following the discovery by the military, of a vast area of ​​four hectares, used as a landfill for hazardous special waste (waste of phosphorus chemical processes and phosphorous waste with the presence of "natural radionuclides") in the petrochemical center, in an area called "phosphorous palte" located within the area managed by Syndial Spa, falling in the SIN (National Interest Site), subject of environmental remediation operations, already subjected to preventive seizure, notified the notice of conclusion of the investigation and guarantee information, issued by the aforementioned judicial authority, against three executives of the ENI Group company, specialized in environmental remediation of industrial sites.

The accusatory hypothesis is that of having created and managed in the aforementioned area, from 2011 to June 2015, an unauthorized landfill of hazardous special waste, thus committing a fact aimed at causing an environmental disaster, from which a danger could arise for the public safety, allowing also the spillage into the groundwater and onto the ground of runoff water.

On the site concerned, remediation operations have been started.