Sassari NOE operation

(To Arms of the Carabinieri)

The carabinieri of the NOE of Sassari at the conclusion of complex and in-depth investigations, initiated following the vast fire developed on the night of 1 ° August 2018, which had seriously damaged the platform for the recovery of differentiated waste and destroyed a shed used for storage of waste , present in the waste treatment and disposal plant of RSU / RSA (urban solid waste and similar solid waste) of Spiritu Santu, managed by CIPNES - North East Sardinia Provincial Industrial Consortium -, have notified the notice of conclusion of the investigation and warranty information, issued by the Judicial Authority of Temple, against three executives of the Industrial Consortium, in charge of managing the plant.

The accusatory hypothesis is that of not having prepared the necessary precautions aimed at preventing the fire, in particular, for having stored, huge quantities of ecoballs, paper and cardboard, in the area of ​​the plant destined to the handling of the vehicles, for furthermore, they have not complied with the provisions contained in the Integrated Environmental Authorization - AIA - issued by the Environment Sector of the Olbia-Tempio Province, which prescribe the deposit of compressed ecoballs in the covered area authorized for unloading and finally, always in competition with each other, for not having provided to make the workplace safe - metal structure shed - in service of the plant, result without adequate ventilation system and not compliant with the safety parameters provided for by the sector regulations - Consolidated Law on Safety at Work -.