Operation Igea: new Drive Through Defense in Vasto

(To Greater Defense)

One station Drive Through Defense, to carry out Covid swabs while remaining in the car, will be active starting today in the Municipality of Vasto (Chieti) in Abruzzo.

The structure will be opened by the ASL in collaboration with the Carabinieri as part of the operation Igea, ordered by the Ministry of Defense in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, which sees all the Armed Forces in support of local health.

The initiative was launched in agreement with the regional health department, which required the stay of the health devices of the Carabinieri already allocated at the L'Aquila-Bazzano DTD.

The "Drive Through Difesa" service in Vasto, which will remain active until the need ceases, will operate from 8:30 to 13:30.

The opening of the station is aimed at responding to the increasing demand of users and therefore at extending the prevention work on the territory, helping to decongest the ASLs that have been involved in managing the pandemic situation for almost a year.

The initiative was undertaken in close synergy between the Carabinieri, who provide medical-nursing staff, and the Health Authority of the Province of Chieti which provides support health workers.

The logistical organization was taken care of with the necessary and timely contribution of the Municipality of Vasto and the local Civil Protection.

To access the points drive through defense and undergo oropharyngeal swab the request of the family doctor is required and inserts it into the dedicated ASl platform; following this step, the ASL calls the user by giving an appointment with date and time.