Maxi seizure of the Carabinieri of the NOE of Ancona

(To Arms of the Carabinieri)

As part of the fight against illicit trafficking of waste, the soldiers of the NOE of Ancona, together with personnel from the Customs Agency of the Doric city, have intercepted and seized two of them at the conclusion of a targeted preventive activity carried out at the local maritime port customs area. containers containing about 1900 photovoltaic / solar panels, without the required certifications required by national and EU regulations.

The 40 tons of waste, classified as "special", stacked inside the containers, were ready to be shipped illegally to North African states.

Deferred to the judicial authority a citizen of Belgian nationality, sole director of the company committing the cross-border shipment of the goods subject to seizure, whose value has been estimated at about 30000 euro.