Carabinieri station inauguration and honorary citizenship conferment to the Carabinieri Army

(To Arms of the Carabinieri)

Yesterday, in Chiusi della Verna, in the presence of the undersecretary of state at the interior ministry, the Hon. Giampiero Bocci, of the general commander of the Carabinieri Corps Tullio Del Sette, of the mayor Giampaolo Tellini and of civil, military and religious authorities, held the inauguration ceremony of the new Carabinieri Station.

The new barracks, which replaces a now obsolete site, was built thanks to the Diocesan Institute for the Support of the Clergy which in the 2005 made itself available to renovate a property for the need '. The structure, whose adaptation works ended this year, has two service quarters.

Godmother of the event was Annamaria Cecconi, wife of the app. movem "to memory" Carmine Della Sala, 11 fell into service on January 1973 while trying to foil a robbery at a credit institution, hero of the Arma with the Arezzo provincial command station.

Immediately afterwards, in the council chamber, the mayor handed over honorary citizenship to General Tullio Del Sette for the Arma dei Carabinieri "for the high sense of duty and loyalty shown in favor of the State and its institutions and for the constant presence and support alongside local authorities in dealing with and resolving delicate issues of common interest, for the contribution and interventions for the prevention, repression and control of the territory for the defense and security of citizens and the citizenship of Enna della Verna ".

Honorary citizenship was also conferred on Ing. Cesare Anselmo Patrone for the State Forestry Corps "as testimony to the gratitude towards the Corps that played an important and significant role for the defense and respect of the environment, making a valuable and significant contribution to making the town more known, more appreciated and more loved ".

With the granting of citizenship to the two police forces, on the same day, the municipality of Chiusi della Verna somehow wanted to anticipate the implementation of the legislative decree n. 177 of the 2016 which foresees the passage to the Weapon of most of the functions and personnel of the State Forestry Corps, to give life to a great European police force dedicated to safeguarding the environment, and thus guaranteeing ever greater protection of the territory national and its fundamental resources such as water, soils, forests, biodiversity, and consumers thanks to controls on the food supply chain. The carabinieri constitute the ideal ambit in which to reorganize the Forestry Corps for the organizational model based on widespread diffusion throughout the territory, as well as for the skills acquired in the defense of the environment. The carabinieri of the forest role, in addition to 7000 units, will be included in a new organization that will also include the NOE and the agricultural and food police, continuing to perform the same tasks in the same places of service and will be able to best express the professionalism available to them with the support of the other operating organizations and support structures of the Carabinieri.