Immigration: Under Secretary of Defense Rossi intervenes at a seminar on international protection applicants in Italy

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The Undersecretary of State for Defense, Domenico Rossi, spoke today at the closing of the conference dedicated to "Applicants for international protection in Italy" which took place at the Graduate School for Police Forces.

The current theme of immigration has been analyzed from different perspectives thanks to the participation of illustrious speakers who have taken part in the two sessions of the seminar.

To represent the Defense the undersecretary Rossi, who in his speech underlined the importance of “combining rigor with humanity and solidarity towards those who run away from war and poverty. And in this sense it is clear that ideas for raising walls cannot be shared in general terms. A welcome that does not influence the common sense of security ".

After underlining the Defense's commitment in prevention activities carried out in the national territory, in competition with the police, "which contribute to really increasing the perception of security on the part of the citizen", Undersecretary Rossi underlined that "even if it is not easy, we need to send a cultural message to society: don't link immigration with terrorism ".

"We are suffering the effects of this phenomenon, but it is essential to analyze the causes. Therefore it is important that Europe can invest so that the problems are solved where the migratory flows originate".