Undersecretary Tofalo meets staff of the Inter-force Intelligence Center

(To Massimiliano Rizzo)

Undersecretary of State for Defense Angelo Tofalo today visited the "operative arm" of the Information and Security Department: the Intelligence Interforces Center, commanded by the Brigadier Giorgio Cipolloni.

Arrived at the Ponte Galeria headquarters, Tofalo was received by the head of department, admiral of division Fabrizio Simoncini, in the presence of the Deputy Chief of Defense, general of the air squad Roberto Nordio.

"What you do every day is the basis of the safety of your colleagues engaged in operations that are often very risky and of high strategic importance", Said Undersecretary Tofalo, who during the visit had the opportunity to meet the personnel of all the Armed Forces employed in the Interforces Intelligence Center and then added,"You can not think of planning, conducting and carrying out military action without the support of the information you seek, analyze, evaluate and disseminate. Thank you for the high professionalism that you show in your daily work, almost always, for reasons of confidentiality, not shared with the public".

The Information and Security Department is the interforce organization that provides the necessary technical-military information support to the Ministry of Defense, employing and coordinating information research structures in all operational dimensions and disseminating analytical products developed by highly specialized personnel, able to acquire and enhance data and news in the various operational domains.

The continuous effort of the information sector is aimed at ensuring that decision-makers at all levels have, promptly, the information necessary to make the appropriate decisions both for the planning of the military instrument and for the conduct of operations and missions.

The complexity and dynamism of today's operating environments requires skills in terms of human resources, with top-level skills, and systems for collecting and analyzing highly technological information, for which a continuous modernization action is essential, also through significant investments in research and development, supported by the national industry. In the specific cyber domain, information activities are a determining and enabling factor for the Armed Forces and the other inter-departmental Commands and Entities involved in this activity, for which it is even more necessary to exploit possible synergies and team play.

In this context, collaboration with the Information and Security System agencies for the Republic and international cooperation with the Allied countries is also essential.

"It was a moment of constructive confrontation aimed at the strategic goal of building a true Country System", Commented Tofalo at the end of the visit,"I am particularly proud to represent as undersecretary of defense all the women and men belonging to this body whose, for obvious reasons, little is spoken about and that represents an excellence of the Defense".

The Centro Intelligence Interforze is born the 1 January 1998, within the Department of Information and Security of the General Staff Defense, following the Law of reform of military leaders, through the suppression and contextual merger of SIOS (Operational Information Service and Situation) of Force Army and their respective Operations Centers, until then appointed to perform institutionally to military intelligence activities.

In this way, the establishment of a single institution of the General Staff of Defense, appointed to carry out military technical tasks, achieved the objective of rationalizing the resources to better adapt them to the changed international needs and the defense sector.