General Masiello at the conference "data protection for 25 years the compass of the future"

(To Greater Defense)

Today, in Turin, in the headquarters of the Royal Palace, the Deputy Chief of Staff of Defense, Corps General Carmine Masiello, spoke during the session "The era of cyberwar", as part of the event organized in occasion of the 25 years of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data.

The panel, moderated by Dr. Fausto Carioto, saw, among others, the interventions of Senator Adolfo Urso, president of Copasir and of Dr. Nunzia Ciardi, deputy director general of the National Cybersecurity Agency.

The general of the army corps Masiello, underlined some fundamental aspects of the cyber domain or the necessity that "There is, between the States, greater synergy and sharing of cyber problems and their respective abilities to face and manage them so as to share a wealth of knowledge that allows us to multiply the effects of everyone's efforts in dealing with multiple cyber attacks on a daily basis".

Referring to February 24, 2022, the general said that date marked the beginning of the first symmetrical conflict of the digital age. "Till now, continued the general, the Armed Forces, in the last 20 years have always operated in environments characterized by asymmetrical conflict, in which Units with totally different technological capabilities were confronted, for example in Afghanistan the cyber problem was practically non-existent as opposed to what is happening in Ukraine where the the cyber part entered the conflict and became an integral part of it ".

The Deputy Chief of Staff of the Defense then concluded his speech by highlighting the union between the cyber domain and the space one, emphasizing the need for the Defense to guarantee cyber security to make space usable, not only for military operations but also to ensure the normal conduct of daily civil activities, guaranteeing the progress of humanity.