The gen. Luzi visits the 2nd mobile brigade and the provincial command of Livorno

(To Carabinieri weapon)

Today morning, the general commander of the Carabinieri, general of the army corps Teo Luzi, went to Livorno to visit the 2nd mobile brigade and the provincial command.

General Luzi was welcomed by gen d. Giovanni Truglio, commander of the mobile units division, from gen. b. Stefano Iasson, commander of the 2nd mobile brigade and the provincial commander, Colonel Massimiliano Sole.

The commander general then met, in full compliance with the current anti Covid legislation, a representation of officers, inspectors, superintendents, appointees and carabinieri on duty in the departments of the 2nd brigade, to whom he expressed his satisfaction and gratitude for the daily activity carried out both at home and abroad.

General Luzi then went to the provincial command. Here he met a representative of the staff of the headquarters and of the special and forestry departments of the capital to whom he renewed his gratitude for the commitment made in the area, visiting the operations center and the station Livorno Center.

Upon completion, the commanding general reached the Training Center of the 2nd mobile brigade in San Piero a Grado (PI), where he was welcomed by the acting deputy director of CISAM captain Alberto Pagliarani, and attended the final test of the 3rd "National API / SOS event", conceived in 2018 to test, at a national level, the state of efficiency of the SOS (Operational Support Team) and of the API (First Intervention Rate), special departments of the weapon, equipped with the most modern equipment, used in anti-terrorism interventions or as support for activities high-risk judicial police.

The competition, characterized by physical and skill tests, simulations of break-ins and shooting exercises, takes place in a scenario that reproduces a hypothetical terrorist attack. The exercise allows the departments, distributed throughout the national territory, to compare and improve their training and intervention techniques every year. The competition saw the participation of the SOS of the 7th "Trentino Alto Adige" regiment and the 8 "Lazio" regiment, the 5 "Emilia Romagna" regiment and the 3 "Lombardia" regiment as well as the API of the helipad squadron Sardinia hunters and of the provincial command of Genoa.

At the end of the race, General Luzi personally handed the cup to the team that earned the first place, expressing his appreciation to the staff, as well as for the commitment placed in carrying out the exercise, also for the peculiar safety function acquitted daily, aimed at making the reassuring presence of the Carabinieri felt.

In this circumstance, the commander general expressed his appreciation for the departments that provided for the organization and logistical support of the event, underlining the irreplaceable specificity that the departments of the 2nd mobile brigade represent, highlighting the good work at the events relating to the evacuation of Kabul.

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