Carabinieri for protected areas

(To Maria Enrica Rubino)

Good news for the Forestry Workers who carry out, with a fixed-term contract, management activities of protected natural areas.

With the tax decree approved last November 30 by the Parliament (DL 148 / 2017), the Arma dei Carabinieri is authorized to hire indefinitely, by way of exception and within 31 December 2018, workers who in the 2017 has done with fixed-term contract maintenance of forests and nature reserves. These are OTD personnel with exclusive expertise: the maintenance of 20 national parks and 130 state nature reserves, three national biodiversity centers, land and forest areas for scientific and educational purposes and properties of forest and state interest.

Stabilizing the use of OTD personnel, the Arma dei Carabinieri, which has absorbed most of the functions carried out by the State Forestry Corps (as required by the legislative decree for the rationalization of police functions and state absorption, No 177 / 2016) , will be able to make use of this professionalism with continuity for environmental and forest protection purposes, as well as territorial protection.

Specifically, it is expected to take 45 units for the 2018, 30 units for the 2019 and 30 units for the 2020, for a 1,4 million expense for the 2018, 2,3 million for the 2019 and 3,2 million for the 2020.

In recent years, the State Forestry Corps has ordered, as required by law n. 124 / 1985, permanent staff (OTI), no more than 500 units per year, and temporary staff (OTD). The latter are framed by a private law contract, ie the collective contract for plumbing-forestry and plumbing-agricultural workers. However, the workers employed under this new law do not acquire the status of workers of the state.

Then there is the question of service accommodation connected to the assignment. Temporary and free of charge will be granted to the workers employed on permanent contracts for the management of the naturalistic heritage, the lodgings located in buildings used by the Carabinieri for the performance of functions formerly carried out by the CFS, which to date are not used. Just think of structures such as the former State Forestry Corps barracks located near protected areas.