Maria's squatters

(To Staff)

Next September 18th there will be the inauguration of the "Department of studies and monitoring of criminal and mafia phenomena". Created by the Pontifical International Marian Academy, 'Liberating Maria from mafias and criminal power', will be a Department of analysis and monitoring of criminal and mafia phenomena, associated with the figure of Mary, and with her symbols and rites reconfigured by both organized crime and from the Mafias. "He will take care of freeing the figure of Mary from criminal power to counter this dangerous drift and return to the Madonna a figure of truth - made up of love, charity, solidarity, characteristics opposite to those of the mafia" (Vatican news).

Autochthonous organized crime; foreign crime; ecomafia and environmental crimes, archeomafia, zoomafia; seizure, confiscation and management of mafia crime assets; history of national terrorism; international terrorism; intra-family violence; gender violence and, ultimately, prevention and analysis of drug use among minors, these will be the areas concerned. 

"Marian devotion is a religious-cultural heritage to be safeguarded in its original purity, freeing it from superstructures, powers or conditioning that do not meet the evangelical criteria of justice, freedom, honesty and solidarity", Pope Francis comments in a letter of 15 August addressed to the president of the Pontifical International Marian Academy, Father Stefano Cecchin (ofs) and comments on a religious site online. 

The Department - reads a note from the Pontifical Academy - wants to give Mary back hers "Its natural context, not only multi-religious and multi-cultural, but also trans-religious and trans-cultural not only in fact but also in law", finding the possibility in his figure "To promote dimensions that are not secondary and anything but extraneous to the common good of the civitas, but which can indeed become a powerful element capable of enhancing all this in the name of common humanity contributes to the construction of peace, well-being for all, care for the planet and its sustainability ".

The dangerous drift is associated with those mafia leaders who have always tried to establish and strengthen their authority on religious holidays by leveraging the unconscious of the community using the powerful religious symbols and rites of the Catholic tradition, including Mary: Woman, Mother.

The well-known CGJung described the "symbol" in Man and his symbols thus: "therefore a word or an image is symbolic when it implies something that is beyond its obvious and immediate meaning. It has a broader, 'unconscious' aspect, which is never precisely defined or fully explained. Nor can it be hope to define or explain it. When the mind explores the symbol, it is brought into contact with ideas that are beyond rational capacity ".

Photo: Vatican News