“Let's set off the Research”: relay that crosses all of Italy to support Research

(To Carabinieri weapon)

The press conference for the presentation of the Relay for Hope "Let's set sail for Research" organized by the City Foundation was held yesterday in Rome, at the reception hall of the "Palidoro" Barracks, headquarters of the specialized mobile units command of the Carabinieri. della Speranza and sponsored by the Defense Staff.

The relay race "Let's set sail for Research" aims to support pediatric cancer research, a central theme for the Città della Speranza Foundation which is responsible for promoting scientific research against oncological diseases. Furthermore, the initiative wants to pay homage to the memory of the doctors Giuseppe Basso and Modesto Carli who have dedicated their lives to the fight against pediatric cancers.

General Massimo Mennitti - head of the XNUMXth department of the general command, Rear Admiral Angelo Virdis - head of the Navy's public information and communication office, Colonel Gianni Massimo Cuneo - commander of the Arma dei Carabinieri sports center spoke at the press conference presenting the initiative. , Prof. Antonella Viola - scientific director of the Pediatric Research Institute Città della Speranza and dr. Luca Primavera, general director of the Città della Speranza Pediatric Research Institute.

In introducing the event, General Massimo Mennitti, head of the XNUMXth department (external relations) of the general command of the Carabinieri, underlined the importance of the initiative, which combines charity, scientific research and sport, with strong support of the Carabinieri and the Navy "always careful to promote the value of solidarity".

“This Relay is an event that I consider central because Città della Speranza and IRP together with the weapons athletes of the General Staff have the opportunity to bring people, our citizens closer together. I have always maintained that research and science are not only done in laboratories, declares Antonella Viola - scientific director of IRP Città della Speranza - they are also popularization. Thanks to national events like this, for example, we are able to reach and intrigue the new generations to approach subjects that are perceived as difficult but which, in reality, represent new professions and in our case new goals in pediatric cancer research ".