EXPO Milano 2015: Convention on Crime and Food Safety


Yesterday, at the Auditorium of the Italian Pavilion Expo Milan 2015, the international meeting "Tackling food crime, strengthening food security" - "Fighting food crime - enforcing food safety" began.

The initiative, which is part of the activities (debates, round tables, setting up exhibition stands, etc.) promoted by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies (MIPAAF) and the Arma dei Carabinieri as qualified contributors to the event, attended by senior representatives of international organizations, government agencies and the judiciary to address the issues of food fraud.

The international event, divided into two days (one theoretical and the other practical), aims to focus attention on violations of European food legislation and their consequent reflection on the global market, and promote and stimulate the multidisciplinary approach by all the public and private actors involved in various ways in the fight against sector crimes.

The works of the first day will be divided into 5 phases, an introductory session and four sessions dedicated respectively to "Europe", "Americas", "Asia and Africa" ​​and "International Cooperation". The speeches will be opened by the Minister of Health, Hon. Beatrice Lorenzin, connected by videoconference from Rome, and by the General Commander of the Carabinieri, Tullio Del Sette, while the Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, Maurizio Martina, will close the conference .

The first day will end with the performance of the Fanfare of the 3 Regiment Carabinieri Lombardia near the Tree of Life.

The second day, dedicated to the visit of two dairy production and breeding factories specifically identified by trade associations, will allow to illustrate "on the field" the practical applications of the European food safety legislation through an inspection of the Carabinieri delNAS (Anti-Fistalization and Health Center) ) and of the NAC (Carabinieri Anti-Fraud Nuclei).

Once again, therefore, Italy, with consolidated and universally recognized agro-food traditions, plays a leading role in promoting common strategies aimed at protecting collective interests such as food safety and, consequently, the guarantee of the health of all.

Source: General Command of the Carabinieri