Declarations by the general commander of the carabinieri regarding the attack on the San Giovanni railway station in Rome

(To Arms of the Carabinieri)

The general commander of the Carabinieri Corps Tullio Del Sette, informed tonight of the attack on the Carabinieri Station of Rome San Giovanni, immediately demonstrated the solidarity and closeness of the authorities and citizens. He made every necessary intervention to support the personnel present in the barracks at the time of the attack - over a dozen or so wounded - and made sure that those responsible for placing the device were identified, which could have caused damage even if the trigger was delayed to passersby.

General Del Sette said he was certain that, as happened in Bologna and in the other places where the Arma Stations were hit in the same way, the Carabinieri will not be intimidated and will continue their daily activity with renewed commitment. service of the country and of the people.