CoESPU: Stability Policing Day conference held in Vicenza

(To Greater Defense)

The proceedings, opened by a videoconference intervention by the deputy commander general of the Carabinieri, general of the army corps Enzo Bernardini, were articulated under the joint guidance of the director of CoESPU, brigadier general Giovanni Pietro Barbano, of the commander of the force of the European Gendarmerie, Colonel CC Giuseppe Zirone, and the director of the NATO Center of Excellence on Stability Policing, Colonel CC Giuseppe De Magistris, with the subsequent in-depth analysis of the issues by three joint working groups with Italian and foreign personnel, coordinated by United States Army Colonel Rebecca D. Hazelett, Deputy Director of CoESPU, who also supervised the organization of the day, which took place in full compliance with the regulations to combat the covid19 pandemic, also thanks to the use of telematic and remote work tools.

Based on the experience gained in international peacekeeping missions, the concept of "stability police" provides, in the context of the "comprehensive approach" to crisis management, especially in destabilized contexts resulting from conflicts, the use of police forces as privileged instrument to restore to the population the framework of security and trust that is at the basis of any hypothesis of reconstruction and re-foundation of civil society.

In fact, as highlighted by gen. Bernardini in his speech, the function of "stability policing" in its various applications represents a modern and essential factor of global security thanks to the peculiar abilities to support the governance of unstable areas, which can be expressed from the tactical level of internal security up to the strategic and institutional one. , with a systematic and harmonious approach focused, in particular, on the training and support of local security forces.

In this broad spectrum of activities, the peculiar enabling capabilities of military forces with police capabilities, such as the Arma dei Carabinieri, stand out specifically.

The in-depth analysis on this topic of significant importance also for the international projection of the Carabinieri, carried out with a synergistic approach by CoESPU, NATO SP CoE and Eurogendfor Headquarters, made it possible to highlight and share the most recent doctrinal and operational developments matured in the international organizations of reference in the field of peace operations (UN, NATO, EU and AU)

In perspective, the possible areas for further comparison and joint cooperation were then identified, further strengthening, also at an international level, the role of the "Chinotto" barracks as an international doctrinal reference point for "stability policing", thanks to the impulse synergistic guaranteed by the three commands that are based there, in this period all led by officers of the Carabinieri.