Carabinieri: "Little Red Riding Hood" operation

(To Carabinieri weapon)

On 15 April, the soldiers of the operational department - central operational section of the CITES carabinieri grouping, with the collaboration of the CITES CC Unit of Rome, Civitavecchia detachment, carried out a search decree issued by the public prosecutor of Viterbo at a farm in Czechoslovakian wolfdogs (CLC), which led to the seizure of n. 23 specimens, whose genetic and phenotypic characteristics are attributable to wild wolves (Canis lupus sp) or to crosses between the two species.

One person was referred to the judicial authority.

The wild wolf is one of the species particularly protected by Washington Convention - CITES and by law n. 157/1992, which protects homeothermic wildlife; moreover it is part of the list of dangerous animals (art. 6 of the law n. 150/1992), for whose possession a specific authorization is required.

The hypothesized offenses are the illegal detention of species particularly protected by CITES and their keeping in conditions that are not compatible with their nature.

Some specimens placed under sequestration, three females and nine cubs, were immediately transferred to the “Monte Amiata” Wildlife Park.

The ENCI (Italian National Dog-loving Body) participated in the activity and provided a qualified contribution for the recognition of the species.

In Italy there are currently over 100 dog farms belonging to the Czechoslovakian wolf breed, a medium-large dog belonging to the group of shepherds and cattlemen. The activity of the forest police has highlighted the illegal practice of some breeders of crossing Czechoslovakian wolf breed dogs with wild wolf specimens, to improve their genetic and morphological characteristics.

The puppies born from these crossings, which can cost up to 3.000 euros, are intended for sale to private citizens and can potentially constitute a danger to public safety, considering that they are specimens with strong characteristics of wildness.