Brusciano: discovery of weapons, explosives and drugs

(To Carabinieri weapon)

A real war arsenal was found in Brusciano by the carabinieri of the company of Castello di Cisterna, as part of a service arranged by the provincial command of Naples.

Weapons and ammunition, but also drugs, hidden in a safe hidden in a basement in the 219 district of Brusciano: 6 semi-automatic pistols of various calibers, a machine gun, a carbine with silencer and 350 bullets of various calibers. With the weapons also almost 700 grams of cocaine and various materials for packaging.

The weapons, seized from unknown persons, will be subjected to ballistic and fingerprinting tests to verify whether they have been used in acts of blood or intimidation.

During the service, 5 people were reported: 1 for evasion, 3 for receiving stolen goods and unjustified possession of burglary tools, 1 for possession of tools capable of offending.

The checks will continue unabated in the next few days, including the removal of some grates which, according to the reconstructions, allowed the drug to be sold in hidden form without buyers and pushers being able to see each other.