The third edition of the Stability Policing Day was held at CoESPU

(To Greater Defense)

The third edition of the "Stability Policing Day" was held in Vicenza, a day dedicated to Stability Police. Since the morning, the three entities that coexist in the barracks General Antonio Chinotto, ie the CoESPU, Center of Excellence of the Carabinieri for the Stability Police Units, Eurogendfor Headquarters and NATO SP CoE, NATO Center of Excellence for Stability Police, have given rise to a series of meetings and discussions on issues concerning the stability police, with particular reference to the situation in Somalia, Kosovo and “Human Security” the latter seen from the perspective of NATO. 

The afternoon session saw the presence of local authorities, including the police commissioner of Vicenza and a speech by the deputy general commander of the Carabinieri, army corps general Maurizio Detalmo Mezzavilla.

Major General Giovanni Pietro Barbano closed the event with one of his last speeches as director of CoESPU, as he will soon leave his post to take over the direction of the mission European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX Kosovo).