UNIFIL: the Italian contingent and the Country System

(To Greater Defense)

In recent days, as part of the Civil and Military Cooperation (CIMIC) projects, the Italian contingent of the UNIFIL mission, currently based on the Aosta Brigade, promoted the meeting between the Municipality of Tire and the Metropolitan City of Messina , with the aim of creating synergies between companies, public institutions and research institutions for technology transfer and cooperation activities in the agro-food sector.

The Italian peacekeepers, in accordance with the 1701 Resolution of the United Nations Security Council which gives a mandate to support the Lebanese population, have been working for some months on the formalization of reciprocal exchanges of interests between the world of Sicilian entrepreneurship and Lebanese counterpart, with the primary aim of creating new opportunities for development, growth and prosperity for the people of South Lebanon.

For this, thanks to the direction of the Italian Embassy in Lebanon and the Italian Trade Agency's Representative Office in Beirut, the mayor Hassan Dbouk and the representatives of the Municipality of Tire met at the base of Shama, headquarters of the Italian Contingent commanded by Brigadier General Bruno Pisciotta, the delegation of the Municipality of Messina led by Deputy Mayor Salvatore Mondello and made up of some entrepreneurs from the agri-food sector of the province of Messina, to sign the Framework Cooperation Agreement between the two municipalities.

This agreement will allow the start of commercial exchanges between the parties, taking inspiration from the objectives of sustainable growth, defined in the European Union Framework Program for Research and Innovation. The first concrete action that will emerge from the aforementioned agreement, developed with the support of the Contingent, will be the establishment of a joint venture, registered in the Municipality of Tire, which will have as its final objective to coordinate the flows of Sicilian agricultural products destined for the Lebanese markets and the East and the Lebanese to the European intra-Community market. This Hub will provide commercial, logistic, administrative and regulatory support for the initiative.

The project, as a whole, is a concrete example of synergy for the promotion of the Country System, in which the contingent in operational theater creates the conditions for the development of the area of ​​interest, also through the adoption of economic initiatives commercial. The military contingents, in coordination with the national local administrations, will become actuator subjects in support of the national companies, with the main objective to create a stable and lasting collaboration between companies, public institutions and research bodies for technology transfer and cooperation activities in areas of use. In fact, thanks to the credit obtained so far in its area of ​​operations, it has been possible for the Italian Blue Helmets to facilitate this important initiative of civil and military cooperation, strongly requested by the local authorities of southern Lebanon.

Moreover, in the coming weeks the University of Messina and the University of Lebanon, supported by the Aosta Brigade, will formalize an agreement in the specific areas of relevance that will be inserted in the field of collaboration between the two cities of the Mediterranean.