Hungary, completed a training activity in synergy with the Allied countries

(To Greater Defense)

An intense week ended which saw the personnel of the Italian Contingent deployed in Hungary, as part of the NATO operation eVA (enhanced Vigilance Activity), conduct a series of training activities in synergy with the units of the Allied countries.

The contingent of the Alpine Brigade Julia it perfected and consolidated the procedures for carrying out convoy escort and protection activities together with Croatian and Hungarian units.

The two Italian and Croatian TACP (Tactical Air Control Party) teams, assets assigned to the control of air support actions (Close Air Support) in favor of land units, carried out planning activities and white interventions in night and day environments coordinating the maneuver of the Hungarian air assets, based on Airbus H145, through the remote observation of the area of ​​operation using the latest generation instrumentation such as the TNR ROVER (Tactical Network Remote Optical Video Enhanced Receiver) and ensured the coverage of the land units from the third dimension.

At the same time, the Croatian Military Police guaranteed the close security of the convoy along the road and escorted the heavy mortar platoon and the artillery section until it reached the AMA (Artillery Manoeuvre Area).

The activity carried out has once again confirmed itself as an effective opportunity to verify the correct application of the inter-force and NATO procedures and represents a fundamental element in the training progression, which aims at achieving interoperability between all the components of the four Allied Countries (Italy, Hungary, Croatia and the United States) present in the area of ​​operations, and which allows for the implementation of an effective deterrence strategy.​