Hungary: shooting training for the Taurinense Alpine Brigade

(To Greater Defense)

An intense week of exercises focused on shooting training for the Army Alpini engaged in the NATO operation ended today Enhanced Vigilance Activity.

The men and women of the Alpine Brigade Taurinense have consolidated and perfected, in the course of four consecutive days of fire activity, their shooting skills, day and night with individual and departmental armament at the Hungarian Ujmajor shooting range, operating in a multinational context with a high training return .

All the components of the Italian contingent are present online, from the rifle and maneuver support platoons to the artillery and cavalry personnel, who, thanks to the experience and expertise of the instructors of the 3rd Alpine regiment, are leading units of the Alpine brigade Taurinense, have been able to increase their shooting skills in all environmental conditions and with different types of individual and departmental armament supplied to the contingent.

In particular, numerous static and dynamic shooting exercises were conducted, individual and collective, from the ground as from the vehicles, with precision as well as under stress. 

They also integrated the days of the shooting range with various theoretical and practical lessons connected with the correct maintenance and maintenance of the weapon systems as well as concerning the resolution of any malfunctions.

During the days in focus there was no lack of the presence of the 3 ° Alpini snipers, highly qualified personnel in shooting, in occult movement, in masking and in the acquisition of objectives that also led, again in the current week, a ' joint exercise with American personnel aimed at standardizing the procedures relating to the use of shooting cores on the battlefield.

Shooting training, with all the weapon systems supplied to the Italian contingent and the Allied countries and the standardization of procedures, are two of the fundamental components in the training progression that the Alpine troops of the Taurinense to contribute to the constitution of the new Battlegroup NATO deployed on the southeastern flank of the Atlantic Alliance.

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