Somalia: thirty years since the death of sister Maria Cristina Luinetti

(To Greater Defense)

Commemorative ceremony in memory of sister Maria Cristina Luinetti, of the Italian Red Cross volunteer nurse corps, killed in the clinic where she provided medical assistance to the needy population of Mogadishu, as part of the Italian military mission "IBIS 2".

The Italian contingent in Somalia wanted to commemorate sister Maria Cristina and her act of love and courage with a ceremony attended by the Italian ambassador to Somalia, Pier Mario Daccò Coppi, the commander of the EUTM-Somalia mission , Brigadier General Fulvio Poli and a military representation of the foreign contingents involved in the European training mission EUTM-Somalia.

Under the orders of Lieutenant Colonel Pierangelo Di Palma, the command of the Italian national contingent (IT-NCC), a representation of the 66th "Trieste" aircraft regiment of Forlì and an armed picket of the same regiment lined up. During the ceremony, the message sent by the national president of the Italian Red Cross, Rosario Maria Gianluca Valastro, was read, recalling the figure of Sister Luinetti, embodiment of the motto of the volunteer nurse corps of the Italian Red Cross “Love, comfort, work and save” to its extreme consequences: sister Luinetti was the first Italian woman to fall in an international peacekeeping mission.

The ceremony continued with the placing of a laurel wreath on the funerary stone dedicated to all those fallen in Somalia.