Somalia: Formed Police Unit course

(To Greater Defense)

As part of the training activities undertaken by MIADIT in the Horn of Africa, the course was organized Formed Police Unit (FPU) held by the Carabinieri with its specialized instructors of Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units (COESPU).

The commander of MIADIT Colonel Giuseppe Corso, at the request of the top command of the Gibutian National Gendarmerie, renewed the commitment in the training of the Gibutian gendarmes, with the launch of an FPU course in favor of about 80 units at the Gendarmerie Academy by Artà.

The aim of the course will be to train specialized tax groups in peacekeeping and allow the State of Djibouti to have at its disposal, if necessary, its own personnel to be able to deploy in missions under the aegis of the UN or other organizations, such as eg. AMISOM, active on the African continent.

The course is aimed at the Gendarmerie Nationale de Djibouti as the characteristics of this national security force can also be oriented to perform tasks typical of a mobile police unit.

It is, in fact, a Police Force with a military order equipped with a structure (operational and instrumental) which, effectively trained, can well disengage itself in carrying out the tasks of protecting personnel and logistic structures in all those international contexts unstable from political and / or social point of view.

In compliance with the national legislation aimed at preventing and containing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic phenomenon, the Miadit instructors, under the supervision of the commander of the Training Unit, Major Marco Crescenzi, develop the entire training process with theoretical and practical lessons on "Public order management", "Check Points operations" and "Tactical progression in terrain and buildings" techniques, necessary for the formation of the Djiboutian FPU for future use in areas of operations in favor of the United Nations Organization.