Somalia: Special Forces training completed

(To Greater Defense)

The formative activity of the Carabinieri of the Special Intervention Group (GIS) has arrived in the gibutian territory. Training, included in the mission program Miadit Somalia 12, commanded by Colonel Mario Ligi, involved the Special Forces both of the Gibutian Police (RAID) and of the Gibutian Gendarmerie (GIGN) and is aimed at forming and implementing operational capabilities in favor of the two SWAT counterterrorism units.

The course focused on the use of special weapons and tactics, with particular reference to the "High Risk Arrest" and "Hostage Rescue" techniques, as well as on the whole spectrum of high-profile special operations.

The users, already in possession of a qualified professional background in the sector, have refined the techniques, tactics and procedures (TTP) for the use of the Unit in all the hypotheses of intervention of the Special Forces and especially in the field of 'anti Terrorism.

During the training activity a joint training was carried out between the two Djiboutian units aimed at improving and increasing the capacity for coordination in situations of high-risk crises.

The joint training was carried out last November at a well-known hotel in the city, where the presence of a terrorist group with the consequent taking of hostages was simulated. The two units intervened in a synergistic and organized way, creating a Tactical Command Post where the respective Commanders made the information flows converge and elaborated, and then implemented, an attack plan for the terrorist group. The exercise has proved to be able to achieve, working together, effectively and quickly to resolve the crisis, in particular situations characterized by major objectives, where a substantial number of SWAT operators is required so as not to allow the two units to be able to operate individually.

This is a result that contributes to the growth of the level of security in the territory of Djibouti and constitutes an example of use of the Italian coordination model that has its assumptions in the 121 / 81 Law which makes the security system adequate to current times while preserving the traditions and the peculiar characteristics of individual police forces.