SNMCMG2: Viareggio ship begins its engagement with NATO

(To Greater Defense)

ship Viareggio, Minesweeper of the Navy, joined today 29 August at the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 2 (SNMCMG 2), the device that provides NATO with an essential operational capability to ensure free access to ports and the safety of navigation in the Mediterranean.

The Unit, under the command of lieutenant Mattia Pavoni, will continue its activity until the end of October.

During this period, to ensure the high standards of readiness required, the naval units of the device will take part in various exercises, aimed at increasing the interoperability of forces, increasing their capabilities and pursuing in the process of integrating forces within the Alliance.

At the end of the assignment period, in order to continuously guarantee the presence of a national structure in the group, Nave Viareggio will be replaced by another minesweeper.

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