Operational readiness for the San Marco company of the Navy in Kosovo

(To Greater Defense)

The units of the Regional Command West, framed in the employ of the regiment Piedmont Cavalry (2 °) of the Italian Army continuously train in the Balkan operational context, to finalize their specific readiness and carry out the delicate tasks of KFOR. In fact, as soon as the Swift Rescue Exercise, an activity that saw the unit belonging to the battalion Saint Mark, of the Navy, to test the procedures acquired in the context of maintaining order in urban contexts characterized by riotous masses and demonstrating elements of various kinds and attitudes.

It was a final test at the end of various training modules, sequentially consolidated and related to: crowd control, tactical helicopter transport, operational medical evacuation via helicopter and activations with controlled flames. All steps of cross training, integrated with rates from other nations, necessary to store the various operational phases that make the packages ready to intervene in an international context, in the event of urgent need and social unrest.

The peculiarity of the amphibious unit of the Saint Mark, deployed on the basis of the III Assault Company "An-Nasiriyah", is configured to be a further tactical enrichment for the particular exploration of Piedmont Cavalry, in the operational context of the RC-West contingent.

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