POLAND: Task Force Air 4th Wing participates in the NATO exercise “Neptune Strike”

(To Greater Defense)

La Task Force Air 4th Wing participates in joint training activities on the Baltic Sea and in Eastern Europe, together with air and land assets from Finland, Germany, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

The Italian Eurofighter aircraft of the Task Force Air 4th Wing, deployed in Malbork in Poland as part of the "Enhanced Air Policing" (En-AP) operations with the aim of ensuring the integrity and security of NATO airspace, participated in the NATO exercise "Neptune Strike", held from 26 April to 10 May.

The exercise allowed the strengthening of surveillance activity, the strengthening of collaboration and interoperability between the military forces of the Alliance countries, with the aim of being more effective in joint operations.

During the Neptune Strike, air-cooperation missions were conducted with naval and land assets, in order to increase interoperability and standardization through joint training (missions Anti-Surface Warfare - ASuW, naval defense activities, missions close air support - CAS, which provide support to the ground forces through qualified personnel).

La Neptune Strike it therefore represented an excellent training opportunity for NATO, in a challenging context in order to allow member countries to maintain the highest level of readiness and work together with the aim of defending the territory of the Alliance.