PHIBEX 21-1: Navy amphibious exercise with NATO units

(To Marina Militare)

Type operations Commando with high intensity raids and speed of execution, Ship to Shore Movement (STSM) in littoral and riverine environments with surface and air vehicles, movement maneuvers of tactical groups of the Navy Infantry on the ground, maneuvers to approach theAmphibious Oblective Area (AOA) of naval training, RAS (Replenishment at Sea) operations between naval units, simulated "friendly" support fire from land-based ships and aircraft, integrated defense procedures against "enemy" air attacks, Combat Recovery of isolated personnel in hostile territory ...

These are a part of the activities conducted by the naval team with theAmphibious Task Force 621 (ATF 621) in operation for 15 consecutive days in the southern Tyrrhenian Sea and the Sardinia Channel to maintain the ability to project forces and power from the sea.

PHIBEX 21-1 is a planned and conducted exercise by the naval team with the participation of the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2, composed for the occasion by the Spanish frigate Mendez-Nunez (flaghip of SNMG2) and the Turkish frigate Kemalreis.

In total 1000 men and women sailors, 1 amphibious assault ship, Ship San Giusto flagship of the naval group and headquarters of the Commander of the Amphibious Task Force (CATF) and del Commander of the Landing Force (CLF), a logistic support vessel, Nave Stromboli, 3 escort units, the multirole frigate Marceglia and the aforementioned Mendez-Nunez e Kemalreis, Landing Force consisting of an assault battalion of the marine brigade Saint Mark, 5 helicopters embarked, 2 of which in the helicopter attack version for the projection of troops on the ground: in other words, a unique expeditionary of several components that have operated in an integrated, synergistic and flexible way and able to move and operate from the sea to project forces, technical-logistic and health support and ability to Command and Control.

The PHIBEX 21-1 exercise was a valuable opportunity to ensure the readiness and effectiveness of the assets of the Navy and their integration into international arrangements.