Operation Atalanta: Nave Carabiniere trains with Nave Castilla

(To Marina Militare)

Ship Carabiniere currently engaged in the European mission Atalanta, conducted a training activity of Maritime Security Operation, jointly with the Spanish ship for amphibious operations (LPD) Castilla.

During the activity the two ships, in addition to carrying out the usual activities foreseen by the mission, also carried out force integration activities, aimed at increasing the level of training and integration of the respective crews and specialized teams of the Units.

The training scenario conceived during the day involved the simulation of an attack by a pirate boat carried out by releasing a Water Bomb Improvise Explosive Device (WBIED), at first tried to defuse from the Snipers embarked on the helicopters of the two naval units. At a later stage, the release of operators of the Underwater Operating Group from the helicopter that destroyed the WBIED.

This occasion tested the readiness and synergy created between the various assets present on board the ship Carabiniere, which currently in addition to being able to make use of its own Boarding Team, also embarked two SH-90 helicopters with their crews, a team of personnel belonging to the marine brigade Saint Mark and a team of Underwater Operating Group. The force integration carried out showed an excellent level of integration between the crew and all the specialized components on board, as well as between the two units belonging to the task force.