Operation Atalanta: the Marceglia is the flagship of the mission

(To Greater Defense)

Starting from Taranto, the 13 July and inserted by the last 20 July in the European naval device of the operation to counter piracy "Atalanta", the frigate Antonio Marceglia took over the flagship task of the Air Naval Task Force today in Djibouti.
On board the Italian frigate, Admiral Armando Simi exercises the tactical command of the operation, assuming the role of Force Commander of naval force. Under his command the assigned naval units will ensure the patrolling in the areas of interest and in the transit corridors of the merchant units and the fight against piracy, in collaboration with the other naval forces present in the area.

Atalanta operation

Decided by the European Council in November of the 2008, it is in fact the first military-led military operation with European leadership. The operation was created to combat piracy in the Horn of Africa area (Gulf of Aden and the Somali basin), where it continues to represent a threat to the freedom of navigation of merchant traffic and, in particular, to transport humanitarian aid from the World Food Program. The operation involves naval units and aircraft located in the area for the surveillance and recognition of suspicious activities attributable to the phenomenon of piracy.
Ship Marceglia will be engaged in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean until next December.

Frigate Antonio Marceglia

Launched on February 3 2018 at the Fincantieri shipyards of Riva Trigoso (GE), is the fourth FREMM in General Purpose (GP) configuration. The unit is named after the lieutenant colonel of the naval genius Antonio Marceglia, decorated in life with the Gold Medal for Military Valor for the undertaking of Alexandria, the Silver one and the War Cross for the missions accomplished in Gibraltar. The ship, under the command of the frigate captain Francesco Fagnani, has a crew of 168 between men and women, is 144 meters long and has a full load displacement of 6.700 tons. It is a multi-purpose frigate, designed in the name of innovation and flexibility, so as to actively work to protect national interests and be able to respond successfully to future scenarios.