Niger: inauguration of the new infrastructures built by the MISIN engineering component

(To Greater Defense)

In recent days, the Operational Commander of the Joint Forces General of the Army Corps Francesco Paolo Figliuolo went to the Italian Support Mission in Niger (MISIN), meeting the Italian soldiers in the military area of ​​Niamey airport.

Welcomed by the Italian ambassador in Niger Emilia Gatto and accompanied by the military ordinary for Italy Santo Marcianò, General Figliuolo visited and inaugurated, with a simple ceremony, the new infrastructures built by the MISIN engineering component inside of the base that hosts the soldiers of the Italian contingent.

With these words, the COVI commander praised the work of the personnel of the 6th pioneer engineer regiment of the Army: “I am pleased with the fact that the base expansion works continued at a rapid pace, always in close coordination with the COVI J-ENG Division. These new infrastructures are functional to the tasks of the mission assigned to us here. The training activities that we carry out in favor of the Nigerien Security Forces and Gendarmerie, as well as any other activity carried out in the area of ​​operations, are only possible if there is a logistical component behind it that adheres to the needs of the contingent".

General Figliuolo expressed recognition for the work of the commander of MISIN, air brigadier general Nadir Ruzzon, who with his command action allowed the continuation of the work to have no impact on the training activities carried out in favor of the Defense nigerien.

Also present at the base were Italian personnel from the newly established European mission EUMPM-Niger (EU Military Partnership Mission in Niger), led by Army Colonel Antonio D'Agostino.

On the occasion of the visit, the COVI commander met some local authorities, including the newly appointed Chief of Defense General Issa, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force Colonel Major Mainassara and the Minister of State to the presidency of Niger Ag Boula Rhissa with which issues relating to the control of the territory in the areas of Niger most at risk of terrorism and illicit trafficking were explored.