Niger: the Italian contingent continues to support public health

(To Greater Defense)

The commander of the Italian Support Mission in Niger (MISIN) Air Brigade General Nadir Ruzzon, in the presence of MP Dansobi Boubacar Hassana, Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Health Adamou Hassan Sabo and Niamey II Mayor Boureima Amadou Sidibe, presided over the vehicle donation ceremony van used as an ambulance in favor of integrated health center “North Lazareth” of Niamey.

The mayor of Niamey II, after having praised the pragmatism and dynamism that has always characterized Italian cooperation, on behalf of the representatives of the civil and religious authorities, wanted to express sincere thanks as a sign of deepest gratitude.

Subsequently, the commander of MISIN intervened and underlined that the cooperation is working to improve education and health, which represent the foundations for the growth and future of a nation. 

The activities carried out by MI​SIN are conducted in accordance with the directives issued by the joint operational command (COVI), responsible for the planning, coordination and direction of military operations, national and multinational joint exercises and related activities.