Niger: Carabinieri in Stability Policing activities

(To Greater Defense)

With a practical demonstration on the techniques studied, the course of Operative Intervention Techniques in favor of the GARSI (Groupes d'Action Rapides - Surveillance et Intervention au Sahel) unit of the Gendarmerie and Public Order in favor of the Nigerian National Guard, conducted by a Mobile Training Team (MTT) of the Carabinieri composed of seven instructors from 7th regiment based in Laives and from the second mobile brigade based in Livorno.

The ceremony took place in the presence of the commander of the mobile department for GNN and of Garsi for GN.

The two courses, which were attended by a total of 64 Nigerien soldiers, are part of a training package that involves both the National Guard and the Gendarmerie Nigerina, and are embedded in the capacitive development programs of the security and defense forces of the African country.

The project, started more than three years ago by MISIN, aims to build Local Security Forces (LFS) with high quality and professional standards able to create or improve the capabilities of the LSF in countering internal threats and dangers, in support of the population and internal stability of Niger.

In fact, the Italian MTT teams, composed as well as by the Carabinieri by the Army soldiers, precisely by the paratroopers of the brigade thunderbolt and by the Special Forces of the 185 target acquisition regiment, base their activity on the doctrine of Security Force Assistance (SFA), implemented in recent times to equip requesting nations with military capabilities that they do not have or have only partially.

MISIN's activities complement those of other partner countries of the European Union and NATO that are in Niger in support of the forces of the countries belonging to the G5 Sahel (Niger, Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso and Chad) which are engaged in the fight local organized crime and illegal trafficking in human beings, as well as in the fight against terrorism.