Ship Vespucci and Ship Montecuccoli meet in Panama

(To Marina Militare)

It is 1949 when the Training Ship Amerigo Vespucci and the Cruiser Raimondo Montecuccoli they meet in Livorno to inaugurate the beginning of the Education Campaign, which will allow them to travel the world representing Italy.

After 75 years, they are the "oldest" and "youngest" ships in service with the Navy, the ship Vespucci and the multi-purpose offshore patrol vessel Montecuccoli, to meet again, this time in Panama, during one of the stops on the Round the World Ship Tour Vespucci and the Operational Projection Campaign of Montecuccoli that the units are performing respectively.

Times and places change, but the objective of these two structures does not change: to represent the best Italy has to offer, bringing the excellence of our country everywhere, spreading its values ​​and traditions, in a perfect union between tradition and innovation.

The meeting in the Panamanian spring was an excellent example to demonstrate the potential of the Armed Force abroad, as well as an opportunity for growth for the crews, who had the opportunity to visit their respective ships on an ongoing basis.