Ship Rizzo at the HEMEX ORION exercise

(To Greater Defense)

Ship Rizzo participated in the French-led HEMEX – ORION international exercise, which ran from 14 February to 3 March in the western Mediterranean Sea and in France.

HEMEX – ORION is a large-scale exercise, which aims to train the French Armed Forces and Allied Navies in a high-intensity, multi-domain joint and multinational framework.

The exercise was divided into a serial phase which had the aim of increasing the operational integration of the participating Units and a tactical phase with free play, which particularly stimulated the "warfighting spirit" of the opposing parties.

Ship Rizzo got to work alongside the French unit Chevalier Paul, of the British unit duncanof American unity Nitze and the ESG Juan Carlos of the Spanish Navy. 

The extreme realism and the high decision-making delegation have given wide discretion to the tactical decisions of the individual Unit Commands, thus increasing competitiveness and making the "train as you fight" principle concrete.

“In hoc nomine Victoria”