Nave Morosini arrives in Vietnam. In Ho Chi Minh the second stage of the campaign in the Indo-Pacific

(To Marina Militare)

Ship navigation begins when it is still dark Morosini towards Ho Chi Minh, the second stage of the campaign in the Indo Pacific which began on 6 April. Few lights, storms on the horizon, fishing boats crowding the route and a new landscape as a backdrop to a completely new context for the young crew of Nave Morosini.

What brought the ship to the main city of Vietnam on 9 May was an intense river navigation through the Saigon River, the evocative and historic watershed of the former city of the same name.

The careful navigation, the constant control of the seabed, the mangrove forests delimiting the navigable channel under the gaze of the maneuvering officer, the cadence of the reports of the navigator marked the almost 6 hours of transit until the forms of the city are increasingly important.

The ship, arrived in port, where it will remain until May 12, was greeted and welcomed by the Italian ambassador in Vietnam, Dr. Antonio Alessandro and a large number of local military and civilian authorities who wanted to pay homage to the commander and the crew according to their custom. In the coming days the unit and the crew will be engaged in an intense activity of representation and promotion of the country system in a nation of growing importance in the Indo Pacific area.

With its strong technology, the PPA immerses itself in a new context for our country where the opportunities for growth, dialogue and international cooperation represent an occasion in which the Navy, thanks to its Naval Diplomacy plays a leading role.

Welcome (Welcome in Vietnamese) Morosini ship