Nave Margottini concludes its period in operation NOBLE SHIELD

(To Marina Militare)

March 15, 2023 Ship Carlo Margottini returned to the Naval Station of La Spezia at the end of an intense 2-month activity carried out sailing the waters of the Central and Eastern Mediterranean, inserted in the device Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2).

Since last January 14, the unit has operated to guarantee the safety of navigation and the free use of the sea in an area of ​​particular strategic interest for the Atlantic Alliance and for Italy, offering direct support to the operation Noble Shield and support associated with the operation Sea Guardian, through the monitoring of maritime communication lines and the maintenance of a clear picture of the general situation: the so-called Maritime Situational Awareness (MSA).

Numerous training activities were conducted during the deployment, among which the Dynamic Manta 23. An advanced exercise to fight under the surface, it was conducted off the Sicilian coasts from 27 February to 10 March and saw the participation of ships, submarines and maritime air patrol boats belonging to as many as 9 different allied countries.

Ship Margottini, in 61 days of activity at sea, covered more than 10.000 nautical miles and stopped in the Turkish ports of Aksaz and Mersin as well as in Catania.

The tactical commander of the operation, rear admiral of the US Navy Michael S. Sciretta, has particularly appreciated on several occasions the daily commitment made by the crew of the Italian unit, which with dedication professionalism, pride and spirit of sacrifice has allowed to complete the mission assigned successfully.

Upon returning to La Spezia, the sailors were welcomed by their families and will be able to enjoy a short but well-deserved period of rest before facing the sea in the near future where, with renewed enthusiasm and improved operational effectiveness, the result of this latest exciting activity, will be able to sail "Per Undas ad Hostem" as the ship's motto states.