Nave Marceglia participates in the Gabinia operation in the Gulf of Guinea

(To Marina Militare)

ship Marceglia, after having released the moorings from the Maritime Military Arsenal of La Spezia on 5 September 2022, began its activity at sea as part of the operation Gabinia aimed at preventing and combating the phenomenon of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea.

The ship will remain in the area until next December 2022.

The Gulf of Guinea is in fact one of the maritime areas at greatest risk of phenomena linked to piracy, but at the same time of extreme importance for our country, due to its close connection with the Mediterranean and the strong national interests related. The phenomenon of piracy, by jeopardizing the freedom of navigation, hinders the international production and commercial chain, to the detriment of the global economy.

The mission of Nave Marceglia will be to protect national interests and ensure the safety of international maritime communications routes, not only through the advanced technical capabilities of the unit, but also through the peculiarities of the SH-90 helicopter, and the personnel of the marine brigade Saint Mark and Underwater Operating Group (GOS) of the Diving and Raiders Command (COMSUBIN). Ship Marceglia it will be used in the monitoring of merchant traffic, in operations of maritime security and activities capacity building in favor of coastal countries, i.e. training activities with the navies of the states bordering the Gulf of Guinea, aimed at increasing mutual knowledge and interoperability with the Navy.

The “Gabinia” mission takes its name from a Roman law approved in 67 BC which granted Pompey the Great the widest possible powers to wage the war against the pirates who for decades had made the Mediterranean and its coasts unsafe.

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