Nave Foscari first Italian military unit to moor at the Sekondì Naval Base (Ghana)

(To Marina Militare)

Ship Commander Foscari, as part of the Transaction Gabinia, was the first naval unit of the Navy to stop at the naval base of Sekondì (Ghana).

As has already happened in the city of Tema, the Ghanaian people have shown themselves to be extremely welcoming towards the Italian soldiers, a now tangible sign of the close relationship between the two countries.

“We are really proud to host an Italian Navy ship in our base for the first time, especially the one that helps us defend our waters from pirates and, consequently, make the Gulf of Guinea safer. We are available for all your needs”.

These are the words addressed to the ship's commander Foscari by Commodore Emanuel Ayesu Kwafo, commander of the Western Naval Command Headquarters.

At the end of the stop, the unmooring of the Foscari ship was followed with particular attention also by the students of the Naval School of Sekondì, present in large numbers on the quay to greet the Italian patrol vessel which has resumed its commitment in the Gulf of Guinea for the protection of commercial routes threatened by piracy.