Ship Durand de La Penne conducted integration with Carrier Strike Group 2 in Mediterranean waters

(To Marina Militare)

Ship Durand de la Penne, flagship of the operation Safe Mediterranean escorted the American aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, as part of its presence in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, following the complex commitment carried out in the Red Sea in recent months.

The integration of the Italian unit within the US Carrier Strike Group 2 (US CSG2), of which the American destroyers USS were also part Arleigh Burke and USS Gravely and the Greek frigates HS Themistocles and H.S Limnos, represented yet another testimony to the very high degree of interoperability of national assets with allied ones and offered a fundamental opportunity for growth in carrying out the delicate role of escorting an aircraft carrier.

During the period of joint activity the ship's crews De la Penne and the US aircraft carrier also had the opportunity to carry out some interesting activities cross-deck, allowing an intense exchange of experiences through visits to the two units.

As part of the visits, Rear Admiral Alberto Tarabotto, tactical commander of the operation Safe Mediterranean, met with Rear Admiral Marc Miguez, commander of US CSG2, gathering full US satisfaction for the support offered to US CSG2 by Nave De la Penne and for the capabilities expressed by the numerous Italian units engaged in the various operational theaters, where they play a key role in supporting Allied operations.

The collaboration between Nave Durand de la Penne and the US units contributed to further strengthening the very solid bond between the navies of the two countries at a time when the Mediterranean waters are increasingly turbulent and in which it is essential to guarantee safety and freedom of navigation.