Carlo Bergamini ship in maritime surveillance in the Mozambique Channel

(To Marina Militare)

Ship Carlo Bergamini, European Multi Mission Frigate, ends its maritime presence and surveillance activity to protect national interests and maritime communication routes in the waters facing the Republic of Mozambique.

In fact, from February 19 to March 6, the naval unit was deployed on patrol in the Mozambique Channel, guaranteeing the protection of the national energy supply lines in the Indian Ocean, maritime safety and the protection of national interests.

The frigate Bergamini is committed to preventing and combating the phenomenon of piracy and illegal trafficking by sea, maritime surveillance and support and protection for national merchant ships in transit in the area.

During the deployment, the crew maintained high levels of operational readiness by exploiting every opportunity to carry out, in synergy with the specialized components on board, simulations of friendly approach And activities counter piracy with vessels in transit, designed to test the procedures in different operational scenarios, show their presence in the area and at the same time check for the presence of threats.

At the end of the ship patrol period Bergamini will rejoin theEU Naval Force to assume the role of flag ship of the 40th rotation of the operation Atalanta.

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