Caio Duilio ship leaves for the United States

(To Marina Militare)

Ship Caio Duilio has recently crossed the Pillars of Hercules, embarking on the ocean route that will bring the Navy unit to Norfolk, at the US base, where it will participate in the Composite Training Unit Exercise - C2X, a complex US NAVY-led training event.

From May 31 to July 1, more than 7000 men and women will train in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the east coast of the United States. The Italian destroyer will operate in the role of escort unit within the carrier strike group of the aircraft carrier George HW Bush (CSG-GHWB), integrating with the other assets under the command and control of the commander of the US aircraft carrier group.

The unit, which had recently completed an intense maintenance period, was subjected to a series of operational capability readiness checks through a demanding 4-month training cycle, concluded with participation in the first phase of the Open Sea 22-1, before heading to Norfolk Naval Base (VA).

Composite Training Unit Exercise - C2X

It is a complex exercise conducted by the US NAVY as one of the phases of the training and qualification process of a aircraft carrier group. For the Navy participates Nave Duilio, the only non-American unit that will be engaged in the conduct of the 3 phases of the exercise from May 31 to July 1, near the east coast of the United States.

The participation of Nave Duilio the exercise involves inserting the unit into the carrier strike group area of George HW Bush (CSG-GHWB), so as to refine the level of integration, achieve full interoperability of our escort units to operate within a US NAVY CSG and consolidate the know how in the protection procedures of a complex naval device centered on the aircraft carrier.

The activity will focus specifically on the Air Defense, Electronic Warfare Countermeasures, Anti-Ship Missile Defense, Intelligence, surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR). The active contribution of more than 7000 women and men of the US Navy to the planning and conduct of the exercise, together with the presence of numerous cooperating assets, will also allow the combat system to be used at its highest levels in a multi-threat environment, providing the opportunity to demonstrate the potential in the integrated management of the forms of combat in naval devices and the optimal organization of the division of defense tasks in the field aircraft carrier group.