Nave Bergamini returns after 5 months of commitment to the Atalanta operation

(To Greater Defense)

The frigate Carlo Bergamini returned to Taranto on 2 July at the end of a long period of assignment to the European Naval Force within which he carried out the transaction Atalanta.

Ship Bergamini it operated for 164 days, covering approximately 28.000 miles, from the north coast of Oman to the waters of Mozambique. Five months full of operational activities to protect the right to navigation and the safety of maritime traffic that the constant presence of the European navies and the strengthening of the collaboration with the coastal countries is helping to improve. The many activities carried out by the unit represent an example of support to national interests that the Navy provides wherever necessary, even at a great distance from Italy as in the entire strategic area that goes under the name of the Mediterranean.

Waiting for his return to the dock in the naval station Great Sea, family members who were thus able to hug their loved ones again.

The unit was greeted on its return to the Taranto base by the commander of the second naval division, division admiral Vincenzo Montanaro, who welcomed the crew on behalf of the entire Navy, thanking the men and women on board. for the commitment and for the results achieved.