NATO: according to Scramble in the skies of Romania for the Italian Eurofighters

(To air Force)

Yesterday morning two F-2000 Eurofighter fighters, deployed to Mihail Kogalniceanu in Romania as part of the NATO Enhanced Air Policing mission, took to the air following a rapid take-off order - in technical jargon Scramble - from the CAOC NATO (Combined Air Operations Center) of Torrejon (Spain).

This is the second activation of "Alpha scramble" for Italian interceptor fighter aircraft engaged, since May, in the operation Black Shield, after the first take-off order took place around 15 days ago.

The activation of the two Italian Typhoons of the QRA cell (Quick Reaction Alert) was requested as some unidentified aircraft had entered, without authorization, in the Airspace of the FIR (Flight Information Region), a competence of the Romanian control bodies. At the same time, in view of the route they were maintaining, they could potentially quickly reach the Alliance's airspace.

For the second time, the Italian aircraft, which took off in a few minutes, reached the area of ​​interest and, as required by NATO procedures, remained in flight to protect the Romanian Aereonational Space, carrying out patrol activities in a circle, in a so-called CAP (Combat Air Patrol), monitoring the traffic that remained at a short distance, in order to ensure rapid intervention should the unidentified assets violate the Romanian Airspace.

Once the operational need ceased, the two Typhoons were recalled to return to the Mihail Kogalniceanu airport, thus fulfilling their duties towards the Alliance.