NATO: Carabiniere is the SNMG 2 Flagship

(To Greater Defense)

Ship yesterday Carabiniere she left from the naval base of Taranto for an operational deployment of six months in the role of Flagship of the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2, after taking over the Canadian unit HMCS Halifax in command of the operation with a ceremony held on December 16 last.

The multinational naval force SNMG 2 represents one of the main tools of the Atlantic Alliance to guarantee maritime safety and the vital interests of the Member States. It is a rapid reaction naval force capable of promptly intervening in the event of political, military and humanitarian crises. Its tasks consist in carrying out patrolling and control of maritime spaces aimed at supporting cooperation and dialogue initiatives in the Mediterranean area. The naval device is also used in the execution of complex multinational exercises with the Allied countries and the Mediterranean partners, aimed at improving the capacities of the respective marinas and their interoperability.

SNMG 2, currently composed of Italian, German, Greek and Turkish naval units and under the command of Rear Admiral Paolo Fantoni of the Navy, works divided into two Task Units: one engaged in the Aegean Sea for the monitoring and control of migratory flows, the other used for operational activity throughout the Mediterranean basin.

Ship Carabiniere, fourth unit of the FREMM (European Multi Mission Frigates) program of the Navy, represents one of the most advanced means of the European naval panorama. During the day the unit carried out training maneuvers at sea with the ship Bergamini, before continuing with the operational activity of the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2.