NATO: the 32nd tank rgt at Dragoon Ready 2021

(To Greater Defense)

A platoon of the 32nd tank regiment, a unit belonging to the 132nd armored brigade Ram, has participated in recent days in the multinational exercise called Dragoon Ready 2021, held at the training area of ​​Hohenfels, in Germany, and aimed at certifying the NATO readiness status of the 2nd cavalry regiment (Dragoon) from the United States.

The activity, coordinated by the combat training center Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC), involved military assets from five different countries of the alliance (United States of America, France, England, Latvia and Italy), divided into two opposing parties.

The tankers of Tauriano, with the tanks Aries-C1 framed in the armored battalion of the 4th infantry regiment, have cooperated in the role of Opposing Forces (OPFOR) with US mechanized units and Latvian explorers, as opposed to the 2nd cavalry regiment reinforced by an English infantry platoon and a French light cavalry platoon.

The training activities saw the units initially engaged in the planning phase and, subsequently, of intense conduct, enhanced by the use of simulation systems Multiple Integrates Laser Engagement System (MILES) and by the deployment of OCT observer cores (Observer, Trainer and Controller).

In particular, the "Grifo" tank platoon conducted offensive tactical acts such as attacking and wrapping, successfully engaging wheeled vehicles Stryker, vehicles Humvee and footed infantry units equipped with anti-tank systems.

The brilliant conduct held by the tankers of theRam in all the exercise phases it was unanimously appreciated by the organizers and by the participants of the other nations.

The "Dragoon Ready 2021" has also proved highly profitable, in terms of training, for the crews of the 32nd tank regiment, framed in the very high operational readiness NATO asset base Joint Rapid Response Forces, allowing to test and consolidate on the ground, in a multinational context, the skills acquired by them during the preparation conducted during 2020.

The exercise was carried out in compliance with the European anti-contagion rules, imposed by the current epidemiological emergency, creating a security “bubble” within the Hohenfels training area, where all the activities took place.